Submission of planning application

The Mill Hill Eruv Committee is about to submit its second planning application to Barnet Council for an Eruv in Mill Hill.

Conditional Planning Permission for the Mill Hill Eruv was first granted in 2010, following which a number of refinements have now been made to the route – largely in response to consultation with local stakeholders.  The current submission seeks approval for these refinements.

Gill Gallick, Chair of the Trust said:

“Since receiving Planning Permission we have continued to work closely with local stakeholders and, with welcome Rabbinic collaboration from the London Beth Din,  I am now delighted that we have taken another important step towards achieving an Eruv for Mill Hill.  I am confident that this year we will see the start of the construction work on this much needed local facility.

“The Mill Hill Eruv will not only benefit residents of Mill Hill, but will also benefit most of the North West London Jewish community, by linking-up the existing Eruvin in Edgware and Golders Green/Hendon.”

Michael Goldstein, Chair of Mill Hill Synagogue said:

“We have come a long way from an initial idea in 2008.  This important milestone for the Mill Hill Eruv comes soon after our recent commencement of redevelopment work at the site of the Shul, further demonstrating increasing vibrancy of the Mill Hill community.”


  1. The Mill Hill Eruv Committee was established to oversee the planning, construction and maintenance of the Mill Hill Eruv.
  2. The Mill Hill Eruv covers an elliptical area of approximately 4.4Km x 2Km.  It has been achieved with the greatest possible utilisation of “natural boundaries”.
  3. Poles are required where natural boundaries do not exist, and we have managed to limit the number of poles to just 34 poles on 14 sites, plus 138m of fence reinforcements on 3 sites, 91m of new fences on 2 sites, with 48m cattle mesh on 1 site.

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