Roads where caution is required

Bunns Lane

Anyone wishing to walk to Hendon from Edgware/Mill Hill via Hale Lane must not use Bunns Lane

Note: the Mill Hill Eruv closes at a Tsurat haPesach  (gateway of 2 poles and wire) in Bunns Lane, just by Langley Park and the entrance to Mill Hill Broadway Station Car Park. This means that a section of Bunns Lane from opposite Langley Park until the far side of the M1 bridge is outside of the MH Eruv.

How to do it

  • Walk down Hale Lane
  • Turn left onto Mill Hill Broadway
  • Turn right into Station Road (opposite Marks and Spencer)
  • Turn right again into Woodland Way
  • At the end of Woodland Way turn right once more into Flower Lane
  • Finally turn left into the far end of Bunns Lane

You can then use the steps to go up onto the A1/A41 Watford Way or continue along Bunns Lane and into Pursley Road or Page Street.

The Fairway (off the A1)

You cannot walk down The Fairway since the Eruv poles and wire cross the road and cross back again.

A1 subway

On the A1 near the junction with The Fairway; you can use this subway to cross the A1, but you must exit the subway by Courtlands Avenue using the stairs, NOT the ramp. The stairs are IN the Eruv, the ramp is OUTSIDE the Eruv.

The Ridgeway

You cannot walk all the way down the Ridgeway, since the Eruv poles and wire cross the road at the war memorial/Belmont Farm, and cross back again at the entrance to Mill Hill School.

Bittacy Hill

It is not possible to walk all the way down Bittacy Hill to Mill Hill East Station within the Mill Hill Eruv.  However, Bittacy Hill is within the Woodside Park Eruv, and therefore you can continue to walk down to Mill Hill East station as long as the Woodside Park Eruv is up.

(If you wish to remain within the Mill Hill Eruv, you have to turn right at the mini roundabout into Engel Park and take the first left into Bittacy Rise. At the bottom of Bittacy Rise turn left into Devonshire Road.)

Ashley Lane NW7 (off Devonshire Road)

This road turns into a footpath and can be used to walk by the side of the Golf Course through to Ashley Lane NW4, off Manor Hall Avenue, and onto the Great North Way.





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