Planning Proposal

The proposed planning application is for the erection of poles and wires and other works necessary to complete the Eruv.

The proposals involve the erection of 6m tall poles and wire gateways, shorter 2.5m poles and wire, and an occasional fence and arch “gateway”, distributed over an area of more than twelve square kilometres.

The posts would be discretely located alongside other street furniture, and would be painted in a colour that blends in best with their surroundings.  At all sites it is intended that the poles will be erected flush with wall or fence boundaries.

The perimeter of the Eruv has been chosen to encompass as much of the Mill Hill Jewish community as possible within the scope of Jewish Law.  In addition, plans for the Mill Hill Eruv show that it will connect the Edgware Eruv with the North West London Eruv, so that it will allow mobility for babies, elderly and disabled people from one area to another.

We have also, wherever possible, utilised existing structures such as houses and fencing so as to provide minimal disruption. Where there is a breach in the continuous boundary, and it is necessary to erect a gateway, we have striven to utilize existing boundaries so as to again minimise the change in street furniture. Where necessary we have elected to modify the boundaries of our Eruv proposal to allow the maximum possible usage with the minimum of planning and building requirements.

The design has been developed to provide no hindrance to the general public and would visually go unnoticed to all but the most careful observation tutored as to the exact location of any of the constructions of the Eruv.

Where private fencing is to be repaired this is a private matter between the Eruv Committee and the landowner concerned and does not form part of the planning application.

Where any construction is required on publicly owned land this will be subject to a special licence and will be completed following the granting of planning permission.

All digging will be completed by hand and no underground utilities will be disturbed by this development.   During the construction phase of this development all works will be contained within a small site and cause minimal disruption to the public.  Once completed this development will go totally unnoticed by the general public.

The new Eruv in North West London