Eruv construction nears completion

The Mill Hill Eruv Committee has, in recent weeks, made significant progress towards conclusion of the construction phase of the Eruv build.

All poles are now positioned, and nearly all are wired together. Nearly all fencing is complete, and only a few lechis remain to be installed. Soon, all the physical elements of the Eruv will be in place. Most local residents will have been hard-pushed to have noticed the changes, such are the lengths the Committee has gone to ensure the Eruv is as unobtrusive as possible.

The Rabbonim of the London Beth Din, the rabbinical authority with oversight of the Eruv, are training shomrim who will oversee the weekly testing and examination of the Ervu boundary, to ensure it can be relied upon for use during Shabbat.

Keep checking this website for further updates, as we approach the launch date of this milestone achievement for the Mill Hill community.

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