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Boundary Map UPDATED

The Eruv boundary map featured on this website has undergone a major update to reflect all route changes and minor alterations carried out in the last few months, as the Eruv approaches completion.

Click here for the map page.

The Committee wishes to thank Simon Lipowicz for his generous efforts in updating the map. Keep checking here for further improvements including:

  • Overlay showing location of every pole
  • Visual representation of neighbouring Eruvin (Edgware and the North West London Eruv)

Installing the poles…

With pole installation now fully complete, we take a closer look at the works which have been carried out.

Pole Installation


To minimise disruption to the local highways and to neighbours, all installations were carried out using hand tools only.  Every effort was made to cause as little nuisance as possible, whilst completing the works quickly and discreetly.

Eruv construction nears completion

The Mill Hill Eruv Committee has, in recent weeks, made significant progress towards conclusion of the construction phase of the Eruv build.

All poles are now positioned, and nearly all are wired together. Nearly all fencing is complete, and only a few lechis remain to be installed. Soon, all the physical elements of the Eruv will be in place. Most local residents will have been hard-pushed to have noticed the changes, such are the lengths the Committee has gone to ensure the Eruv is as unobtrusive as possible.

The Rabbonim of the London Beth Din, the rabbinical authority with oversight of the Eruv, are training shomrim who will oversee the weekly testing and examination of the Ervu boundary, to ensure it can be relied upon for use during Shabbat.

Keep checking this website for further updates, as we approach the launch date of this milestone achievement for the Mill Hill community.

Planning permission granted by London Borough of Barnet

We are delighted to announce that our recent planning application has been approved by London Borough of Barnet, enabling us to move forward with the build phase.

Many thanks to all whose support enabled us to reach this stage.

As you can see from the map, Mill Hill Eruv will encompass virtually the whole of Mill Hill. Only a few roads at the extreme borders, with large areas of unfenced open space have regretfully been excluded.

Following our successful planning reapplication, the Mill Hill Eruv Committee along with its planning consultant Ab Wahnon, are now hard at work preparing for the build stage.

Once it is in place , it will be possible to walk, carry and push buggies and wheelchairs from Stanmore through Edgware, Mill Hill to Hendon Golders Green and the Suburb. This will transform the Shabbat experience for many, many people.

Keep checking this website for the latest news as the building of the Mill Hill eruv gets under way!

Planning application received by Barnet

The new, full planning application for the Mill Hill Eruv has been submitted to London Borough of Barnet Planning Department.  The application has been acknowledged and a new planning reference number has been issued:


The full application will soon be available for viewing on the London Borough of Barnet online planning portal.

Supporters of the Eruv will shortly be contacted and asked to provide their endorsement of this latest planning application.

Submission of planning application

The Mill Hill Eruv Committee is about to submit its second planning application to Barnet Council for an Eruv in Mill Hill.

Conditional Planning Permission for the Mill Hill Eruv was first granted in 2010, following which a number of refinements have now been made to the route – largely in response to consultation with local stakeholders.  The current submission seeks approval for these refinements.

Gill Gallick, Chair of the Trust said:

“Since receiving Planning Permission we have continued to work closely with local stakeholders and, with welcome Rabbinic collaboration from the London Beth Din,  I am now delighted that we have taken another important step towards achieving an Eruv for Mill Hill.  I am confident that this year we will see the start of the construction work on this much needed local facility.

“The Mill Hill Eruv will not only benefit residents of Mill Hill, but will also benefit most of the North West London Jewish community, by linking-up the existing Eruvin in Edgware and Golders Green/Hendon.”

Michael Goldstein, Chair of Mill Hill Synagogue said:

“We have come a long way from an initial idea in 2008.  This important milestone for the Mill Hill Eruv comes soon after our recent commencement of redevelopment work at the site of the Shul, further demonstrating increasing vibrancy of the Mill Hill community.”


  1. The Mill Hill Eruv Committee was established to oversee the planning, construction and maintenance of the Mill Hill Eruv.
  2. The Mill Hill Eruv covers an elliptical area of approximately 4.4Km x 2Km.  It has been achieved with the greatest possible utilisation of “natural boundaries”.
  3. Poles are required where natural boundaries do not exist, and we have managed to limit the number of poles to just 34 poles on 14 sites, plus 138m of fence reinforcements on 3 sites, 91m of new fences on 2 sites, with 48m cattle mesh on 1 site.

Logo competition

What does every good eruv website need? A great logo!

Are you a graphic designer? Can you put your creative talents to good use by designing a logo for the Mill Hill Eruv Committee?  Send your creative designs to us now.  Start by sending us a message using the contact page and we’ll give you an email address to send your design to.

If your design is used, you’ll get a permanent credit on this website and life-long respect and admiration as a Mill Hill Eruv Supporter.